Wednesday, 14 April 2010

first ever blog!

OK this is my first ever blog, I have decided to write about all the things that make me randomly excited as I go about my everyday life...:)

I recently went on holiday to South Africa and went to a couple of jewellery markets there, I was especially interested in the stuff they make out of wood and dried seeds, there were some really beautiful pieces. If you look closely at this picture you can see one necklace is made of seeds that look like tiny little acorns painted over with black...

Another thing that got me was the beauty of the colours and patterns on all the animals there, they are far more colourful and exuberant (in general) than the animals I see in England and when I was on safari I kept thinking about how you could combine these as prints on clothes and add the wooden jewellery to create a really beautiful 'wild' look.

I also found some very cute elephant and lion zippers that I thought you could use in lots of different ways to spice up ordinary things, here are some ideas...

Apart from the wooden jewellery that I saw a lot of in Africa there was also plenty of very brightly coloured beaded jewellery that was made by the roadside using bits of wire. I didn't bring any of this back but it inspired me to think about how you could use everyday things to create different accessories. I had some multicoloured baby pegs in my room so I decided to string these on a chain to create a sort of spiky, rainbow coloured look that i then put together with the zebra print top. What do you think..?:)

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matthew said...

Such wonderful pictures! I love the incorporation of nature in some of the jewelerry (such as the acorn necklaces).

Great first blog! look forward to reading about your following inspirational thoughts and ideas!

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