Wednesday, 28 July 2010

For you or for me

I've been thinking about this question for a while and it has occurred to me that there has been a turning point in my understanding of fashion. I was in Oxford Street yesterday and when first arriving felt the familiar excitement of  being in the vicinity of the biggest collection of clothes shops in London. However, I mistakenly (very mistakenly) chose to go during the rush hour when there were literally thousands of people trying to get in and out of every shop. This is when I noticed people were wearing the same clothes; the H&M top that I had just seen in the shop, or those Primark jeans that have been around for about a year now or the free scarf from the cover of Elle that I got two months ago. Just a few of these coincedences began to make me think. Of course I know that people have to end up with the same clothes, but I had never really let this thought go any further. We end up in the same outfits and the same style of clothes because these are what the world around us tells us are the acceptable things to wear at the moment. This led me to wonder why I then go on to buy what I'm told to buy. Is it because I like to fit in and to feel I have 'got it right'? Is it also because I believe it willl make me more attractive/approachable if I am wearing what everyone else does. I think both these things are partially true. I also think it requires a lot of courage or self assurance to go against the stereotype of fashion. People will always look at someone who is dressed differently to others and see them as the 'outsider'. To most people and in certain ways to myself, it is too much effort to go against the norm. However, I believe that fashion should not just be a way of trying to fit in and make others see you as included. I personally would like to take my interpretations of fashion further and try to look beyond the current and 'fashionable' trends. Instead of dressing for others I want to also try and find a sense of dressing for myself, finding clothes and styles that I like for reasons other than that of social politics. In a way gaining a sense of self that is independent from anyone else and not broken down by anothers criticism is one of the most important steps that anyone can take, not just in fashion but in any area of personal identity.

For example, I have always wondered what wearing a typical Elizabethan dress with a corset and flowing skirt would be like. Or indeed alternatively wearing big Camden boots and lots of piercings.
I havent done either of these things for the interesting reason that they would not fit in with the image of me that I like to project to the world. Fashion is more than just personal decoration, it also gives people a glimpse into who you consider yourself to be. Dress smart and people will treat you far differently to if you dressed as a slob. In every code of dress there is an inbuilt code of behaviour and rules and social standing. I can't neccessarily dress however I like because it would affect my job, my friends and my way of life. Fashion is, in a very subtle way, far more than personal decoration. It is also a representation of our internal world. How we percieve ourselves and our place in the world and therefore how others judge us. Extracting myself from thinking about the social implications of fashion is, after consideration, a far more difficult task than merely learning to have confidence by myself. However, in places away from the more formal worlds of jobs, banks and so on I think that I will begin to experiment with the way I dress. My ultimate goal is to find a style that comes more from me than from the world around me.

Thursday, 22 July 2010


I have always had a bit of  a thing for Burberry. They manage to produce pieces that, to me, seem to have a perfect balance between elegance and sexiness. This seasons fall collection has not disappointed and what stands out most in this collection (apart from the gorgeous thigh high boots) are the range and extravagence of the coats (all of which I would like to own).

I love the banding around the sleeves on these two pictures, it pulls the look of the coats together giving them a slightly sexier, harder edge.
Are belted coats now coming into the world of male fashion?
This is my favourite look, the combination of a furry oversized coat with those boots fits perfectly, she reminds me of a sexy Russian spy.
I like the way the material of these coat looks almost velvety yet is stopped from looking too 'grandad-like' with the aforementioned banding around the sleeve. For some reason I picture this coat on some kind of fictional hero returning from the depths of middle earth or some such place..

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

ART in action...

 I have just been at an art festival that I go to every year called Art in Action. It is held down in Oxfordshire in the grounds of a beautiful old house and loads of different artists come from around the world to show their artwork, fashion, music, dancing and so on, here are a few of the pictures I took over the weekend and I'm hoping they give you a bit of a flavour of the whole thing!                                                           
This is a very fine piece of blown glass made to look like a wave.

There are some beautiful gardens by the house and this is one of the pictres i took of the lilies on the pond.
Thats me.

This was a design for a bridal headdress, I think its beautiful!

There was a lady there who made hats and headpieces...

The pond at dusk.
They have practical classes there where you can learn how to do things like sculpture, jewellery making, pottery and lots of other things.
Learning how to weave!
Glassblowing demonstration.
Hand painting, the colours were beautiful.
I want all of these bowls..
I love these colours
I think these were hand carved from clay but the shape is lovely.
These were designs printed onto silk paper.
Handmade soap :)
Weaving, I watched for a while and it looked very complex.

An Elizabethan inspired ruff
I dont know what these are but they remind me of rain drops.
Hand painted 18th century text on an old christening gown.

Friday, 16 July 2010

fancy a swim?

These three piecs of swimwear from the spring/summer emporio armani collection grabbed my attention. The first is something I wouldnt personally wear but I like the way the slighly risky slash at the front is balanced with the floral print at the bottom and the bows at either side. It gives the costume a pretty yet edgy look. The second costume interested me because it is almost like a top rather than swimwear and I like the idea that you can add the tailoring and detail of a fitted top into your swimming attire. The third piece however, is something I would love to own if I ever had enough money to buy armani! It is a simple black bikini but the contrastingly placed green circles draw your eye from side to side. This adds a sense of interest and oddness to the costume that definitely appeals to my sense of swimming costume style! Ps check out the heels in the first picture, if I ever owned a pair like that I would wear them on the beach regardless of sand or anything else..

blue and gold

                                              image taken from the uk june edition supplement for vogue p. 33.

I love maxi dresses. They are perfect for being glamorous and casually summery at the same time. The gold accessorising in the above picture is also beautiful. Theres something eternally chic about an armful of gold bangles..

                                                                            Image taken from uk edition of june vogue suppement in association with H&M p.29.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

dreamy silk

The Prada spring summer collection this year did not wholly impress me there being a few too many similarly dark and shiny pieces for my tastes. However, these three looks really stood out for me. In contrast to the dark colours in the other looks these three have beautiful glimpses of colour that further excite me when combined with the precise tailoring of the clothes. Ordinarily we would see this type of 'holiday style' print and beach colouring on informal T-shirts. In combining the laid back style with beautiful material and clean cut lines the designer has made pieces that are sophisticated and yet relaxed at the same time. And they remind me of the beach. Enough said ;)
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