Friday, 16 July 2010

fancy a swim?

These three piecs of swimwear from the spring/summer emporio armani collection grabbed my attention. The first is something I wouldnt personally wear but I like the way the slighly risky slash at the front is balanced with the floral print at the bottom and the bows at either side. It gives the costume a pretty yet edgy look. The second costume interested me because it is almost like a top rather than swimwear and I like the idea that you can add the tailoring and detail of a fitted top into your swimming attire. The third piece however, is something I would love to own if I ever had enough money to buy armani! It is a simple black bikini but the contrastingly placed green circles draw your eye from side to side. This adds a sense of interest and oddness to the costume that definitely appeals to my sense of swimming costume style! Ps check out the heels in the first picture, if I ever owned a pair like that I would wear them on the beach regardless of sand or anything else..

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