Tuesday, 20 July 2010

ART in action...

 I have just been at an art festival that I go to every year called Art in Action. It is held down in Oxfordshire in the grounds of a beautiful old house and loads of different artists come from around the world to show their artwork, fashion, music, dancing and so on, here are a few of the pictures I took over the weekend and I'm hoping they give you a bit of a flavour of the whole thing!                                                           
This is a very fine piece of blown glass made to look like a wave.

There are some beautiful gardens by the house and this is one of the pictres i took of the lilies on the pond.
Thats me.

This was a design for a bridal headdress, I think its beautiful!

There was a lady there who made hats and headpieces...

The pond at dusk.
They have practical classes there where you can learn how to do things like sculpture, jewellery making, pottery and lots of other things.
Learning how to weave!
Glassblowing demonstration.
Hand painting, the colours were beautiful.
I want all of these bowls..
I love these colours
I think these were hand carved from clay but the shape is lovely.
These were designs printed onto silk paper.
Handmade soap :)
Weaving, I watched for a while and it looked very complex.

An Elizabethan inspired ruff
I dont know what these are but they remind me of rain drops.
Hand painted 18th century text on an old christening gown.

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