Monday, 2 August 2010

Rings. . . .

I have decided to post about rings today. I have recently seen bloggers post pictures of themselves with handfuls of rings and I'm finding it really hard to resist the temptation to do the same! To me, rings are amazing things in that they carry so much traditional meaning and they can be a symbol of something so personal between two people. They can also be loads of fun and you can create so many different looks just by using different combinations of rings. Here are some pictures I found in my hunt through the internet;


I love the way that lots of rings can give you a kind of sexy 'armoured' look. Its as if you are shielding yourself from the world around you and also from your own fear of being boring or ordinary by adding pieces of 'ringed' art individual to you. Whenever I put on all my rings they make me feel more structured, each one has its own meaning to me and so by wearing them I am somehow more assured of who I am and where I've come from.

Its amazing to think that people wore rings hundreds and hundreds of years ago and that these rings were involved in showing the political and social status of the wearers through their symbolic use as a representation of class and power.

I would love to have a massive collection of rings to put on my fingers all of which meant different, private things to me. To this end I will post up the different pictures of the rings I have already got in my collection and the ones I hope to get with the explanations behind them as my ring collecting goes!

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