Saturday, 18 September 2010

Love Angel Music Baby

I have always thought Gwen Stefani had amazing style, a sort of mix of sexy, funky, piratey cuteness that I have never understood how she manages to pull off. I think part of the attraction is the glamour of all the tiny details in her looks.

Her new S/S '11 collection is just as inspiring, pirate-like looks, billowing tartan fabrics, thick black eyeliner... She also has some gorgeous fabrics in there, vibrant and patterned in a way that subtly reminds me of those beautiful alien like patterns from Alexander Wang.

Anyway, here are all of my favourite looks from the collection, let me know what you think!

The necklace combined with the hairstyle and long dress is somehow really beautiful, and reminds me of egypt.  

I love the lace peeking out under the tartan here, its reminds me of the whole underwear peeking out of overwear look from last year and to me it seems to make the whole look very subtly feminine
A bikini under a jacket, tres chic :)
I love the mix of this African style necklace with a traditional black jacket, it makes the whole look somehow sexier and fresher.

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Thekla said...

love the last dress<3 check it out if you want follow me i will follow back :)xx

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