Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Outfit of the day and my admission of guilt

I am beginning to realise that I have an unhealthy attraction to H and M. On Saturday my boyfriend needed to get a new suit for work and so off to Oxford Street we went. I really ought to have realised this would not be a good idea for me before the event but hindsight is a wonderful thing. We came out of Picadilly Circus tube station to the most beautiful array of flagship stores ever. I struggled to contain my glee and look normal- I was not successful. Matt looked at me and asked if I felt ok? 'I'm just going to pop into a couple of shops- see you later' was my jumbled reply whilst flitting into the welcoming doors of the BIGGEST Topshop I have ever seen .

Three hours later I stumbled in a lovely blur out of H and M with three bags of clothes. I had/have a nasty case of sinusitis at the moment and this was probably a good deterrent to continuing my shopping spree otherwise who knows where the day would have taken me! I thought that instead of showing you what I bought all at once I might save it and do a couple of outfit of the day posts instead. We took these photos just as we were coming home that afternoon which is why I look just a little tired :D!

Do you have any shops that you find hard to resist?

Leggings, T-shirt and printed jacket- all H and M
Shoes- Primark

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