Friday, 21 November 2014

Bath Box

 The other day I realised that I had all these different bath products scattered around in different places and no real organisation or system of using them. I decided to create my own Bath Box so that I had everything in one place and ready to use!

I like the Aussie hair care products- they smell amazing and make my hair really shiny.
This is a body butter from Soap and Glory- I like to use it after my bath to moisturise- it smells of oranges and sinks into the skin like cream.
I LOVE both of these products from Clarins-continuing with the orange theme this exfoliating cleanser smells amazing and really leaves your skin feeling fresh. The bath tonic also smells gorgeous and you only need the tiniest amount to create a lather.
I also use this on my face after getting out of the bath. My skin is getting really dry at the moment with all the central heating and bad weather and this really helps to keep moisture in and leave my skin feeling soft.
This is a fun shower gel from Lush that makes lots of foamy bubbles!
I love Neal's Yard products as they are mostly organic and full of excellent things for your skin. These three came in a gift pack last Christmas and I have almost used them all up.
These are Body Shop bath salts. I like sprinkling them into the bath after I have got in as they fizz slightly in the water and release the most gorgeous relaxing fragrance of lavender.
I got a whole pack of these face masks from Superdrug and I have a lot of fun trying them. I have been watching some YouTube videos recently where people are talking about sheet face masks so I think I might give those a try next.

What bath products do you use?

Love Steph x

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