Sunday, 9 November 2014

DUTY FREE shopping spree....

I get very over excited in duty free. I think it is a combination of having lots of free time and knowing that you are not paying tax on what you are buying (although sometimes I am sure you end up paying the same as in the shops...has anyone else noticed this?)

Anyway I thought I would share with you some of the products that I bought and how I am finding them so far.

Number one and my favourite:

I have a lot of bright red shades of lipstick that are great for evening wear but I had have wanted  soft pink tone for a while- something that I could wear in the daytime and would go well with a smokier eye. I tried quite a few and eventually settled for this pretty one from the Body Shop. It is their Colour Crush lipstick in Peachy Pink (200).

 The price was good at just under £10 and the packaging plain but functional. What I like about the lipstick is that it is lightly pigmented and glides on really smoothly so it almost feels like a mix of lipstick and moisturiser. It gives a lovely subtle pink glow to my lips and worked really well as a daytime lip colour for the week of my holiday.

Next I picked up a new Barry M lipgloss. I have about a million of these but I love them as a basic everyday lipgloss that you can layer on over lipstick to add some shine. At £4.49 they are super affordable (this is shade no.2) and I always carry one in my bag and swipe some on when I feel I need a bit of a boost.

Then I picked up this Body Shop eyeshadow. This was again from their Colour Crush range and I wanted to use it as a highlighter as the shade I normally use in my Urban Decay Naked pallette is pretty worn out! Now this did work ok as a highlighter but it needed a lot of blending and was a little bit too white for my skin tone. I would definitely recommend this as a highlighter if you have quite pale skin but for myself I think I will have to go back to the drawing board so if anyone has any recommendations please help me!:)

Then I decided to check out the Benefit counter. I have never used a Benefit product before and they are certainly pricier than you average drugstore products but I had heard good things about this bronzer so I thought I would give it a go. This shade of bronze is called Hoopla and the make-up lady recommended this for my skin tone especially because I wanted a bronzer that didn't look orange.

I found that I had to be really careful when I applied this as it is highly pigmented and so too much of it does look orange. However, if you only take a little on your brush and make sure to tap off any excess really carefully then it definitely is a bronzer that was worth spending the extra money on. You only need a little bit and I have had loads of fun with it playing around with contouring tricks inspired by new YouTube videos.

Finally I bought this L'Oreal SKINPERFECTION duo kit containing a moisturised and facial serum. I want to do a full review on this a bit later when I have had a chance to use it for a bit longer but what I will say is that I put some of the facial serum on my very tired hungover skin this morning and it literally felt like cooling manna from heaven.

Hope you've all had a great weekend! Love Steph x


Tiff Jan said...

I love duty-free shopping! Incidentally, I recently did some duty-free shopping too!

I think we shop because of a combination of being stuck for hours at one place; boredom; slashed prices and no tax and duty.

I try to keep a wishlist of things I want to buy from duty-free (often high-end) and I keep a rough estimate of how much it would cost retail and compare at duty-free. If it is cheaper, chances are I'll snag it. That way it's guilt-free!

Nice haul!

Tiff | AMtoPM

observer said...

Thanks Tiff, I'm going to give that a go next time I fly :) x

Kosta Karakashyan said...

Congratulations on getting these products! Yes, you are right that it's not always cheaper. Sometimes some prices are inflated so you end up paying the same amount. As Tiff said, a good strategy is to check the usual retail price for the product you want and then compare that to the duty free one when you arrive. I always do this for fragrances :)

Cool Gear Cavalier // Men's Style and Lifestyle

observer said...

Nice tip :) thanks Kosta! x

Helen G said...

you got some lovely things!

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