Sunday, 23 November 2014

Musician of the month

In the Time by Hyperpotamus

I heard about this guy through a friend and we first went to Passing Clouds in Dalston to see him play. I was already a big fan of music made using a loop pedal because of my obsession with Dub FX and I was keen to see this kind of music being performed live. I absolutely loved his music and the passion and soul that went into the whole thing. For anyone who doesn't know this style of music is made by producing different sounds and recording each one before looping it back. The musician then builds up all these different layers and layers of sound that mix and interweave with each other into beautiful complex pieces of music that you can sink into and float amongst the harmonies.

You can follow the link above to see his favourite video of mine and while I was checking out his music on YouTube I stumbled across the Boss World Station Loop championships: This is where musicians from loads of different countries and genres with different types of instruments compete using the loop pedal. There are some absolutely amazing performances that you can check out on YouTube and I have left links to a few of my favourites below. What I love most about this kind of music is watching the musicians build up the music and how their bodies become part of the whole prcocess moving in time with the rhythm and blending into a kind of dance between microphone, loop pedal and instruments. Mmmmm so much love for this!

Sebastian Gerer

Paul Newman and his nose whistle

Looping the cello!

Love Steph x

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