Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My engagement ring.

I have been wanting to write a post about Alex Monroe (jewellery designer) for a while and now I think it is the right time as I have just been given the first piece of his jewellery that I have ever owned in the form of an engagement ring. (!!:))

I have loved this jewellery designer for years because he creates each of his pieces based on something from nature. I have always been a nature baby and spent my childhood playing outside in gardens and parks. There is such beauty in the outdoors  like the rainbow shine on the back of a beetle shell or the tiny velvety inside of pea pod and hundreds of other things that you don't see until you look.

Alex Monroe takes unconventional things like bumblebees and sticks of asparagus and casts them in silver and gold to create some really gorgeous jewellery. I pretty much want to buy everything on his website but it hasn't quite been in my price bracket until now....

I love this ring because aquamarine has always been one of my favourite stones. It reminds me of a tiny perfect drop of rain and I like that it literally seems like water in the form of a jewel. I am a huge fan of gold jewellery and never really wear silver so this band is perfect and you have to look really closely to see the secret texturing of the metal in the style of wood bark.
Aquamarine 8mm Hoya RingAquamarine 8mm Hoya Ring

Here are some of my favourite necklaces from the collection. This one is a bunch of asparagus, then a little sailing ship and finally a pea pod (my favourite)

Asparagus Bundle Necklace
Sailing Boat Necklace
Teeny Tiny Pea Pod Necklace

I also really like these two rings- the craftmanship is so delicate on the bottom one!

Fine Buttercup Ring

Posy Twist Ring

Credit: All pictures taken from the official Alex Monroe website

If you would like to check out any more of this jewellery click the link below

Alex Monroe


charlienin said...

I love Alex Monroe jewellery! The sewing collection is top of my hit list right now. Congrats on your engagement!
Cx / Bloglovin

observer said...

Thank you-i'm defintely going to go and check out the sewing collection on the website x

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