Thursday, 13 November 2014

Seeing beauty in ordinary things

Hi everybody, I just wanted to share these two photos with you today and tell you a little bit about why I took them and then put them into my blog!

 I went out to dinner last week which I had been really looking forward to but when I got there I couldn't focus on how nice everything was because I just felt overwhelmed with everything else that was going on in my life. I was sitting their thinking about all the different things I had to do for work etc etc and so on and I realised that I was wasting the one time in the week where I had the chance to switch off and enjoy myself for a night. Sometimes I find it quite hard to bring myself out of worrying about little things in the future and just focus on being present and connected.

This time I managed to do it through my camera. I decided to try and find something that would take a really beautiful photo just from the everyday stuff you would find on a table and normally ignore. I chose this small wineglass because when I started looking at it more closely I thought it would be a really interesting photo with the light reflecting of the curves of the glass. I used forced flash for the first photo (with a little editing to bring back more colour) and then the black and white setting for the second.

 I found that the black and white setting brought out the shape of the glass and really showed off how the light shone off the different parts. I also loved the yellow of the glass against the blue and white textured tablecloth in the first photo. I have never tried stopping still and looking around at what I can see beside me before but it was amazing how the more I looked the more I could see.

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