Saturday, 6 December 2014

Best Budget Makeup Brushes

I needed a couple of things for my make up collection yesterday so I headed to Boots. I wanted to get an everyday trio of eyeshadow from No.7 that I could carry around in my handbag. I also really needed some new makeup brushes as I have managed to lose so many of my old ones (where do they go!) Finally I have heard really good things about the Soap and Glory Illuminator product so I thought I would give that a go.

These makeup brushes are from Sleek and they only cost £13 a set which is a good price for those on a budget! As you might expect from the price they are cheap and cheerful to the touch with the  handles made from lightweight plastic which makes them harder to control than your pricier heavier options. However, the brushes themselves have a good balance between being too stiff or too soft so I have found it quite easy to apply my makeup with them. I love the handiness of the dual purpose eyeliner/eyebrow brush and the brushes are inexpensive enough to slip into my travel makeup bag without feeling too nervous about losing them.

I chose the Chocolate Fondant quad eyeshadow from No.7 as my everyday eyeshadow set. It consists of browny/gold tones so works really well with my skin tone for a neutral look and there are lighter and darker shades for highlighting and blending. I also really like the packaging- the shiny metallic outside looks really professional and it feels quite heavy and luxurious in the hand. Overall I am really pleased with this purchase and at just over £10 for the four different shades of eyeshadow it's a good price.

This is the Hocus Pocus instant visual flaw-softening illuminator I wanted to try this because I am not a big fan of foundation but I still want to cover up any skin blemishes and I do love that gorgeous 'dewy' finish that you can achieve with a bit of skilful illuminator application! I have been really enjoying using this- I have found in the past that with other illuminators the product often contain small particles of sparkle which can look quite overdone especially in natural light. This product however is nice and subtle and creates a lovely glow which looks good daytime and night-time. 

Love Steph x

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