Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Photography sea light

I recently got a new camera and have been itching for a chance to get to use it! It is the first ever SLR camera I have owned and so it has lots of different things it can do which I am trying to get my head around! I have been reading a few different books on photography and although I think it might take me a good while to get to grips with I wanted to share some blog posts with you on my camera experiments because I am really enjoying them.
Last week I went down to Brighton with my fiancee and we walked around town a little bit before ending up on the pier around sunset. I can often walk around for a good few hours and not feel like taking any photos but then suddenly I get a picture in my head and then more photo ideas stream out from this and everything gets a little crazy. (I probably took about 200 photos on this pier). I havent edited any of these they are just straight from my camera but here are my favourites.

     I wanted to frame this man right on the edge of the picture because that best seemed to echo a sense of quiet observation that I like in this photo.

Can you see the seagull on the crest of the wave? I would love to take this photo again with a better lense and shorter shutter speed to get each droplet of foam in crystal clear action.

I normally find the telescopes on piers a bit ugly and functional but I think this one blended with the sunset light and looks kind of magical.

                                                        I went on this ride and it. was. fun!

There were so many birds flying around the pier at dusk that I got a little obsessed with bird pictures (you will see this if you keep scrolling :)

There is something so beautiful about flocks of birds flying in perfect togetherness floating on the thermals. There were thousands and thousands of sparrows here and they flew continuously around the pier putting on the most amazing displays and darting as fast as lightning to the beach then back to the horizon and then up and away into the sky in an ever changing circle. How do they all stay together and know where they are each supposed to be as they change direction in a split second? They don't seem to be separate beings; they are more like one collective spirit split into different bodies. (I will stop going off on a philosophical tangent now and get back to the photos).

Love Steph x
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Kelsey & Kenecha said...

Wow these photos are so gorgeous!! Love the ocean :)

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