Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Product Battles- Dry Shampoo

Batiste vs Herbal Essences -the final verdict..............

All of these bottles are now empty and so I feel I can safely give you my thoughts on this comparison having used both in a variety of different environments and with different hairstyles. 
I probably use my dry shampoo just as much to add volume and texture to my hair as to keep it looking freshly washed and both are equally as important to me in the product. I have been a long time Batiste user and have always loved the product as it really does clean up the hair and adds amazing volume especially as I have very fine, flat hair. However, the one thing that bugs me a bit about Batiste is that it leaves a white powdery residue that you have to be careful you have brushed out otherwise you get people coming up to you all day cracking jokes about how you've turned white overnight (haha what funny work colleagues I have).
The Herbal Essences dry shampoo does NOT leave any white residue in the hair. And it  smells really rather lovely. However, it also did pretty much nothing for my hair in terms of adding volume or texture and although it did leave my hair looking cleaner it definitely wasn't as good as the Batiste dry shampoo at this either. Therefore, I will definitely be buying Batiste again in the future (and just making sure I am more careful at brushing out the residue). :)
Steph x
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Neesha Rees said...

I've been a Batiste user for years now and haven't ever tried any other dry shampoos
Reinventing Neesha ♥

Süslü Şirine Blog said...

I love dry shampoos!

Sylvia Said said...

Who doesn't love Batiste?! I just tried out a new dry shampoo and it gets the job done, but it definitely doesn't add volume like Batiste does!

By the way I'm hosting my first ever give away on the blog! Check it out :) She Will Be

blueskydaze said...

My thoughts are exactly the same! I definitely prefer Batiste too :-)

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