Sunday, 29 March 2015

Easy and Beautiful Fairy Lights DIY

I found this fairy light DIY online and loved it so I thought I would post it up for you guys to see! 

Here are my basic fairylights all set up and ready on the back of my sofa.

Then I bought two different sets of cupcake cases in different colours. Don't worry about the sizes- but you do want two colours/patterns you think work together so that you can layer them.

Then you want to fold your cupcake cases into a semicircle and cut a design out - maybe flower petals,  wavy edge, cut outs etc

Finally you want to open your cupcake cases back out and poke a small hole through the centre of each case (I used a pencil to do this). Then layer each two cupcake cases of different colours on top of each other and thread the fairylight bulb through the hole and..... TA-DAH - fairylight flowers!


(You might want to use a little bluetack to keep the cases secure if you are moving the lights. I also thought you could layer up maybe four or five of the plain white cupcake cases to create a really full flower effect).

                                                                  Love Steph xx
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Thursday, 26 March 2015

OOTD London days

Boots from H and M - Ring from Forever 21 - Jumper borrowed from my fiancee - Scarf from charity shop
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Monday, 23 March 2015

London at night

I found out how to open my shutter speed for longer so that I could get these softer light filled pictures of London at night. I really loved doing these and I definitely am going to come back and take more photos after dark. Next time I'm going to bring my tripod because when you open the shutter for longer there is a lot more chance for the picture to blur.
Love Steph xx
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Thursday, 19 March 2015

A crafty afternoon and some shoe trends

Yesterday was such a rainy, grey blah day that I didn't really feel like doing anything. I decided to try and get motivated with some old fashioned arts and crafts. I keep a box in my house with lot of random arts and crafts supplies like tissue paper, glitter glue, sequins, threads and any pretty bits and pieces I might come across. I also love cutting pictures out of fashion magaines and keeping them for trend and outfit inspration. I scattered them all over the floor and then decided to do a shoe trend moodboard- I found these gorgeous gladiator type strappy sandals from all over the runways and got inspired to try and draw my own shoe- It didn't quite turn out like the image in my head and I got a little carried away with my colouring pencils but I thought I would post it up anyway so that you could see the pictures.
Steph xx 
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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Fedora hat

Ripped ankle jeans on sale here for £10 at HandM / Fedora hat find similar here £19.99 at Miss. Selfridge / Sandals from River Island last year / T-shirts layered from H and M basics
I bought this purple fedora hat from Miss. Selfrridge in the January sales and I really like it. I have never worn this style before but it is quite comfortable and even keeps my head warm in this cold weather!
Love Steph x
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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Product battles- Moisturiser and Serum Combinations

I do really like skincare and having previously been a bit dismissive of the need for a serum as well as a moisturiser in the past I am now a bit of a convert. To this end I thought I would write a comparison between the two most common moisturiser/serum combos you can find in the drugstore at the moment.
I couldn't really tell much of a difference between the quality of the moisturisers. They both seemed to do a pretty decent job although I felt that you didn't have to use quite as much of the OLAY moisturiser. However, I definitely prefer the LOREAL serum as the OLAY serum leaves a kind of sticky residue on my skin that continues all through the next day.
In terms of packaging I also prefer the LOREAL as it is packaged in a cute little glass pot and bottle as opposed to the OLAY which is plastic and therefore the LOREAL feel a bit more sophisticated.
In terms of prices the Loreal moisturiser costs £14.99 and the serum £16.99 (although I got the Loreal on a half price deal) and the Olay moisturiser costs £5.99 and the serum is £9.99 so i suppose it is a little bit of you get what you pay for! 
Overall I think I would probably go for the Loreal products if I were going to repurchase- let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you think of them?
Steph x
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Monday, 9 March 2015

My Words -part four

The River
Fresh green smell of the river, it aches into my heart, the beauty.
Underneath the roughened, crumpled sky, 
the water is strong and deep and full of energy and peace.

I watch the fishermen sit by the river in quiet contemplation, 
weaving their silence in layers of contentment around themselves, 
lone figures embedded in the long green grass,
unmoving and replete.

The earthy scent of tobacco mixed with beer drifts past my nose
so that I inhale deep to capture it, 
drawing it into my body,
bringing memories of things forgotten, 
a sudden raw awareness of my own being.

I see peat coloured fish slipping through the water, 
bent in their own directions. 
the sun beginning to warm the ripples over the tops of their heads, 
sending gleams of light like silken glass moving outwards from their movement.

The dust in between the stones on the path floats up and covers my legs with a coating of dirt, 
it makes me feel like I belong, 
like I’m part of the water and the mud and the life that sings,
deep underneath the surface of the river.
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