Sunday, 29 March 2015

Easy and Beautiful Fairy Lights DIY

I found this fairy light DIY online and loved it so I thought I would post it up for you guys to see! 

Here are my basic fairylights all set up and ready on the back of my sofa.

Then I bought two different sets of cupcake cases in different colours. Don't worry about the sizes- but you do want two colours/patterns you think work together so that you can layer them.

Then you want to fold your cupcake cases into a semicircle and cut a design out - maybe flower petals,  wavy edge, cut outs etc

Finally you want to open your cupcake cases back out and poke a small hole through the centre of each case (I used a pencil to do this). Then layer each two cupcake cases of different colours on top of each other and thread the fairylight bulb through the hole and..... TA-DAH - fairylight flowers!


(You might want to use a little bluetack to keep the cases secure if you are moving the lights. I also thought you could layer up maybe four or five of the plain white cupcake cases to create a really full flower effect).

                                                                  Love Steph xx
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